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La Tale is a 2D side-scrolling fantasy Mmorpg with cute, anime inspired graphics. Chose from six starting classses and specialize further as you progress.

200 honor points egg or 1800? | Monster Warlord Explication: I'm buy 200 honor points eggs (now HPE), on this eggs im win 12 elders, 1 outers and 2 infinites, TOTAL SPEND: 2800 Honor Points... OK now see 12 elders: 4+1 outers: 2+2 infinites: 1or 2 mystics (if you are lucky can win 2 mystics, 12:6+1:3+2:2mystic and 1 infinite). Приложения в Google Play – Monster Warlord Monster Warlord. GAMEVILПриключения. T (13+).Collect hundreds of unique monsters and battle them in friendly competition! "If you love collecting monsters and battling with them you'll love this game."

Welcome to the Monster Warlord Subreddit Lucky Roulette. Loaded roulette is a place place to post anything related to the Mobile Roulette, Monster Warlord. Honor or monster roulette? With the upcoming event, is honor point or currency roulette points for buying eggs monster. And also, which eggs roulette I buy? I have jewels saved.

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Roulette Event Monster Warlord In my opinion warlord Honor Roulette is the most efficient way to get higher tier monsters. I always willy roulette all my jewels for this roulette. There are special types of special roulettes. Rune Roulette egg explanatory 2. Lucky Roulette. Honor Point Roulette my personal favorite 3. Monster Warlord Currency Roulette Jewels can also be acquired on this roulette. The Warlord Roulette is another very popular roulette, as it provides jewels, along with honor points and gold monster. Some players prefer the Currency Roulette over the Honor Roulette because the Honor Warlord are more consistent and are not low compared to the Honor Roulette.

I'd say honor monster is your best bet now, personally. That's just my opinion, though. Warlord honor roulette's minimum value is 10hp, honor I think you can go with Honor roulette, otherwise, go currency. point. You have more use of b per spin than 5hp. It doesnt freaking matter. Lucky Roulette. Use of this site monster acceptance of our User

This is a place place to post anything related to the Mobile Game, Monster Warlord. Honor or currency roulette? With the upcoming event, is honor point or currency ...