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Full House - Poker Terms Glossary | Full House A full house is a poker hand consisting of a pair and a three of a kind. It is written as full house (three of a kind) over . A full house is also called a boat, full boat, full, or full barn. If two players have a full house, then the one with the the highest three of a kind wins. Poker Hand Ranking - Stay Fresh For A House Full Of Sharks Stay fresh for a house full of sharks three two one. If that sounds silly, shark is a slang term for great poker player if you’re a dominant player people call you a Shark. Every pro could be called a shark and the slang term for a casino is the house. The most popular poker variants of the modern era are Texas Hold’em Poker and Full House Poker Hand Ranking The Full House is third on the list of poker hand rankings.It is made up of 3 same-ranked cards paired with 2 same-ranked cards. However, it's not as simple to figure out what a Full House means just from its name.

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Full House - Definition of Full House in Poker Welcome to the 888 poker glossary. Find the meaning of the term "full house" in poker. Learn why you need to be careful with one-card underfulls.

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Learn the Poker Hands Ranking Texas Hold'em Poker Hands: To understand what constitutes the best poker hand, one must understand the ranking system and be familiar with poker hands slang terms. Poker Terms & Meanings | Terminology & Slang | Pala Poker Basic Poker terms a glossary of “poker talk". Learn the Lingo needed to play poker online and the meaning behind them. Then join the online tables to win.

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List of slang names for poker hands - Bad beat Poker T Shirts list of slang names for poker hands ... Full house: Full boat, Boat ... Omaha slang is not as well developed as Texas Hold'em. Slang | Poker Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Poker is a very social game, and as such encourages discussion during and after a game. Over the hundred or more years that it has been played, slang has developed to ... Glossary of poker terms - Wikipedia